Soundtrack to my Wisconsin Residency

redhorseWhenever I land in a city, I like to experience the sights, sounds, foods, and culture of the city I happen to be in.  This experience in Wisconsin is no exception.  I have completely submersed myself in this snowy setting.  I’ve been eating cheese curds with the best of ’em. When I was staying in the lovely town of St. Croix Falls, I was treated to a concert.  The music of those musicians has become one of my favorite ‘take aways’ from my stay here.

Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka, and Lucy Kaplansky make up the folk supergroup, Red Horse.  Each of these artists are accomplished musicians in their own right but together, they’re something more than ordinary.  Their elegant storytelling, smooth harmonies, and practiced instrumentation has painted the soundtrack to my stay here in Wisconsin.

I am letting their melodies seep into my bones as I continue to create a beautiful piece of theatre with the students here.


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