Commercial Headshot by Jason Hudson

Below is a list of some of the films I have acted in and a list of some of the films I have been a consultant on. (imdb page)


  • Gordon Family Tree/ as Tommy/ Purpose Pictures, LLC
  • Self-Destruction and Other Obstacles as ‘You’re Out Now’ Boyfriend’s Boyfriend/ Four Six Films, LLC
  • Tough to Kill/ as Mr. Black/ Arkansas One Media
  • Filtered/ as Paul/ That Was Ninja Productions
  • Grit/ as Darren/ Lost Horizon Pictures
  • Anyone/ as Darrell Hunt/ Imaginary Friend Films, LLC
  • Bitten/ as Man/ Real Live Media
  • Desire/ as Bachelor/ Homemade Media, LLC
  • Peeps/ as Fuller Mouth/ KPC Productions
  • Murray (trailer)/ as Bobby McRae/ Jim Phipps Productions
  • Oklahoma Lottery Commercial ‘Victory Dance’/ as Businessman/ Michael Sanders, Director
  • My Messy Relationships/ as Edward McCarthy/ KPC Productions


  • Greater/ internship consultant. motivator.
  • Stache Force One/ script analyst.
  • Gordon Family Tree/ local musician liaison.

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