Who I Am

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I am a multi-disciplinary artist / Here are some of the areas where I get to share my art…

I am a Teaching Artist /  What is a ‘Teaching Artist?’  Nationally recognized actor, teaching artist and author Eric Booth has developed the following definition of the teaching artist: “A teaching artist (artist –educator) is a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills and sensibilities of an educator, who engages people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts.”  I am registered as a Teaching Artist with the Arkansas Arts Council and have led residencies in Arkansas as well as other places in the United States and abroad.

I am a Professional Actor /  My passion for performance began at a young age.  I have had the privilege of appearing in over 25 theatrical production both in the United States and abroad.  Most recently I have performed for Trike Theatre in 2 plays for young audiences produced by the Walton Arts Center, ‘Digging Up Arkansas,’ and ‘Bear State of Mind.’  I also perform for Ceramic Cow Productions and their Improv Troupe, Phunbags.  My performance experience has allowed me to cross over into independent film acting, most notably in the soon to be released, ‘Gordon Family Tree.’

I am a Director /  As my passion for stage and film has grown, it has been my privilege to impart my knowledge through the vehicle of Directing.  I have had the opportunity to direct numerous productions.  Most recently, I have directed for Arts Live Theatre and Trike Theatre.  Both organizations call Northwest Arkansas home.

I am a Puppeteer /  I have studied with some outstanding name in Puppetry Arts.  I have learned from Eric Bass at Sandglass Theater in Vermont and Jim Morrow at Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia.  My puppetry training is extensive and I have recently been invited to lead puppetry workshops in Arkansas and in Wisconsin.

I am a Musician /  I have been playing the guitar and singing since I was in my teens.  I love to weave narrative and song.

I am a Model.  I have been absolutely thrilled to have worked as a model with some very talented photographers such as Melanie Merkling Photography, M. PhotographyHudson Photography.

I am a Storyteller /  Being able to share my art is being able to tell a story.  I consider everything I do to be about telling a story.  Wether I am directing a group of young performers or performing for an audience, I get to tell a story.  I’m passionate about it.  Stories are created to be told.

This is just some of what I do.  Click the link to my CV below if you want to know more!

Jason CV 2013


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