Audition Advice…Please Heed

My good friend and colleague, Mark Landon Smith, has posted some advice and insight for anyone and everyone who is preparing for an audition. I urge you to read the article. This is free, solid, practiced advice from an industry professional.

Mark Landon Smith

I cast a lot of actors.

A lot.

All sizes.  All ages.  All types.

I am also an actor.  So while I am casting, I am also actively auditioning and working.  This gives me the advantage of working on both sides of the table.  And I love both sides.  And because I have an understanding of the casting process, I am better at auditions.  And because I understand the casting process from an actor’s perspective, I am better at casting.

I love to audition.  My time to shine.  A lot of actors dread it.  But not this cowboy.  The reason actors dread auditioning is they feel they are being judged.  Ugh.  Judged.  I hate that word.  It sounds so judgmental.  I prefer the word “considered”.  When I call an actor in for an audition and tell them they are being considered for a role, it’s an immediate confidence builder.  And…

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